Seamless+Sweatpants+The Wiz? Yes, Please.

 I almost forgot The Wiz was showing last night.

I put it in my calendar so I could remember, and when it went off, I realized this was a time to order some seamless, wear some sweatpants, and stay in.

Actually, I didn’t order seamless. My husband did.

We had pizza.

And once  The Wiz started, I sitting on the couch like:


I didn’t take the opportunity to photograph the pizza I gracelessly stuffed into my maw, because I had a really long day yesterday and was running off the nutrients of a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese and two Hershey’s kisses. Yes, it was that busy.

I honestly have never seen a remake or reboot quite like the one that aired last night. Meaning, I’ve never seen a remake or reboot that was good. As I alternated between cheering at the television screen and chewing on breaded eggplant atop a baked dough with gravy, mozzarella and parmesan cheese- I realized that some dining experiences are the best when they occur in the comfort of one’s own home, and somebody else cooks.

My though though, regarding the casting of The Wiz: Who is Shanice Williams? When can we experience her talents again? Does she enjoy seafood? And as for Queen Latifah, David Allen Grier and Mary- these established talents are always good at reminding us why we appreciate them.

I’m not much of a Broadway buff, but I think I can now tell what a theatrical voice sounds like. And Shanice definitely has it, in my opinion.

I won’t bore you with a recap of the actual show for the most part, because there are probably tons of blogs that have amazing recaps already. I do want to say, that seeing folks vogue on live, national network television, I felt all…

Voguing is a concept that is often seen through the lens of Madonna’s 90s hit record “Vogue”. This complex and exquisite style of dance comes out of a sub-culture of the larger LGBTQ community called the Ballroom Scene. If you’ve ever seen Paris is Burning, you’re probably familiar with it- but to witness the care, precision and talent of those involved is seriously crazmazing.  Madonna gave the world a little taste, and Paris is Burning gave a background, but to watching a Ball competition is akin to seeing a Broadway show. Yes, folks are there to work.

I’m not particularly skilled at voguing, although I do attempt it form time to time. Instead of the fluid or sharp grace that I’ve seen many folks from the ballroom scene accomplish, I look more like a paper clip that is on the verge of breaking.

Tonight, I will be attending an event hosted by The Asia Society in collaboration with The Filipino-American Musuem. It’s going to be awesome, and what’s really going to be awesome is that food is going to be provided by another amazing player in the Filipino food movement: Lumpia Shack. Stay tuned for a recap.

And here’s an obligatory picture of the dog:


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