First Seamless Order of 2016!

Thanks to Seamless, I have found a way to enjoy delicious food at anytime of day, from a variety of locations. This works well when I’m too lazy, whiny, or exhausted to cook.

None of those are valid reasons to not cook though.



Anyway- part of my culinary practice is to appreciate good food from kitchens other than my own. And I do, but then there’s the guilty pleasure of ordering seamless and telling my husband “LOOK AT WHAT I MADE!”Followed by a “Nah, just kidding hon. I ordered seamless!”

The other day, the husband decided to order via seamless for the both of us plus my cousin who spent the weekend.(And my cousin taught me a new skill set for photographing food.)

We settled on Black Iron Burger which conveniently has three locations in Manhattan. I settled on the usual- a single patty medium well, with Swiss cheese, bacon and caesar mayonnaise. Fries and onion rings as the requisite sides. Take a look see:



The burgers here are always good and always on time. The only thing I would do is order a milkshake next time.

Seamless is really a good way to connect with the local dining scene in your neighborhood or in someone else’s neighborhood when you’re unable to cook or eat out.

One thing I will say about Seamless- is that they know mistakes happen and there may be communication breakdowns from customer to restaurant but they are VERY quick to answer and address these questions and always do their best to rectify the situation to keep their loyal customers happy.

I’ve spent so much money via seamless, I think I am going to explore purchasing stock in the company. And I really wish I would have thought of the idea. Just kidding. Or not. No, I’m kidding.


Visit Black Iron Burger Here. Follow them here.


*no compensation was received for writing this post.

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