Kaleo Nadal


Mission Statement: Cocina Kaleo is committed to bringing  a multicultural culinary experiences that honors the foodways and history of cuisines. Sarcasm, dry humor and a hint of shade served on the side.


img_3359Aloha! Welcome to the latest re-branding. Well sort of. Concina Kaleo picks up the dust, whisk, dry herbs and cast-iron skillet where the Shady Chef left off. Which is not anywhere specific.

Hi. I’m Kaleo Nadal and I am the principal blogger, cook and creative mind behind Cocina Kaleo. You might think it’s a bit narcissistic to name this blog/food media venture after myself, and after realizing how much the moniker “the shady chef” didn’t fit me, I decided to re-brand… this time putting my whole self forward and not some catchy name. I am my own catch. If you don’t know my short stint as a “the shady chef” then that’s better.

I’m trying to make the most of social media so that if anyone is interested in my ideas they can access said ideas there. Which means I may go live on my Facebook page from time to time and often share 1 minute videos on instagram. This site is primarily for recipes, and occasional thoughts.

Cocina is the Spanish word for Kitchen. My mother’s father was a Spaniard. Kaleo is the abbreviated version of my Hawaiian name, Kaleohano. My mother’s mother was indigenous Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli). I tend to drift to lots of Filipino food. My dad is Filipino. And I also love New York City comfort foods. (I was born and reared in the City of New York).

I live in the wonderful world of Uptown Manhattan, with my husband and our chihuahua. I started cooking for us once I got married because I like the kitsch of 1950s family stereotypes with queer twist. Now I seem to cook often for potlucks, host small going-ons at my home and the feedback is always that I’m good.

Thanks for stopping by. You can contact me below if you wish.